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The website of the company - it is a powerful tool for the organization and promotion of business growth. And we will create the this website for You!


We find and realize new solutions in the development, creation and promotion of websites

If you need to develop a promotional page, corporate website, online business card or an online store, our company offers you a comprehensive development: from the preparation of technical tasks of the project (website) to its proper promotion on the Internet.

Technologies that we use

Ruby on Rails

Rails - this is one of the most popular frameworks, through which are written websites of any complexity and of any type for a short time!!


Used for Web page layout (responsible for the location of the document (to pages) of your texts, pictures, tables, etc.)


Cascading Style Sheets — used for decoration the appearance of the markup HTML



Does your page not only beautiful but also interactive(ie, allows you to communicate with the user, etc.)

Сайт визитка

Website card

Want to Express yourself, then you have chosen a good opportunity. It is an inexpensive website that is suitable to many customers. You get a list of web pages in which customers will be able to learn about You, Your company, services and direct method of communication with You. The site relevant for small businesses, individuals.
Интернет магазин

Online shop

This interactive website, which will be presented a catalog of Your products and services with the option of purchase and delivery of goods to visitors and regular customers. With this website You will increase sales by expanding the market, the presentation of the full range of products, highlighting new products and sales of inventory.
Сайт каталог

Website Catalog

The project is a site with many pages, aimed at detailed information about your product or service. It will allow customers to learn about you, your company and get acquainted with the products, of its characteristics, to study the price list, and contact you.
Одностраничный сай

Landing page

Here it is necessary to understand for what purpose you need a website. If your site only a few goods or services, then definitely need to make their choice in favor of a "landing page". If, however, you have an extended range of goods and services, the "landing page" is not for you. Compared to online shopping in the sale of "landing page" higher due to the fact that all the necessary information about the product is nearby and encourages the visitor to buy or leave your details.


Display your site on the first position among search engines on the Internet will enable SEO service provided by our team. SEO-promotion will help your site to take a ranking position among other similar sites by category, and as a result attract maximum number of visitors to you. When the user is in the search box to drive key request automatically gets to your site. Search engine optimization (SEO) will help to solve the main business goals of your company, because if your site is popular, then the user will use the services provided or the products of your company.


An effective tool for promoting your web site will be unique content writing which deals with our professional team. Copywriting services will place on your site original and unique information about your company and sphere of activity. Our copywriters will prepare a unique author's texts on subjects that interests you. In preparing the texts copywriters thoroughly study the necessary materials and resources on a given subject, complementing the content their own observations and considerations. Thanks to this well-coordinated work of our authors you can get as a result of a unique and professional articles.


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